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Hollywood Transmissions
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 12 reviews
 by Thomas j Rickard Sr
Master Mechanic
City & State: Dover

Dave, Troublshot my need for A Transmission on my 2012 Gmc that had 225,000 miles on it. He also heard a ticking noise that turned out to be a bad bendex spring in starter. He sent me pictures of the work in progress and called me when finished. I highly recommend this skilled mechanic. Thanks Dave

 by Curt Hildebrandt
Google Review
City & State: St Marys, MD

This guy is extremely knowledgeable. Great service. I needed a reman transmission. Was kept informed every step. Of the way.

 by Michael Reese
Google Review
City & State: St Marys, MD

Transmission rebuilt with top quality parts and engine rear main seal replaced. He does vehicle service work too not just transmissions. Dave communicates great and is willing to show you what he is replacing and why. I am completely satisfied with his work. Best shifting transmission I have had. Highly recommend Hollywood transmission & auto for all your repair or service needs.
Services: Transmission, Engine repair

 by Jerry from Calvert
Fantastic Auto Repair Shop
City & State: Calvert Maryland

My Crown Vic which I purchased new and has only about 100,000 miles recently started making a noise. I was afraid it was a bad transmission so I took it to a local Calvert full service garage and they diagnosed the problem as a hard tire noise. My tires although had plenty of tread were old so I purchased four new tires from their shop. Although the new tires helped the car ride a little better I still had the same noise which they said was normal. I decided to get an expert opinion and researched the best transmission shop in my area and found Hollywood Transmissions. Dave promptly diagnosed the noise as a bad wheel bearing and fixed it the same day. At my request Dave and his crew went over the whole car. He replaced the rear shocks which I knew were bad, discovered what the first garage had diagnosed as a possible power steering hose leak was actually an oil pressure sender leak and promptly fixed it. Even though I had a tune up in yet another garage not too long ago the car was idling a little rough. Dave and his crew cleaned the fuel induction, fuel injection, throttle body and changed the fuel filter. My car now runs and drives like new.

Dave and his crew really know what they are doing and are great to deal with. I found them to be expert mechanics, honest and patriotic. He even gave me a Veteran’s discount. They are not only a highly regarded transmission shop, they do all vehicle repairs. I highly recommend this shop.

 by John Cameron
Google Review
City & State: St Marys, MD

Very professional fast used all oem parts not any aftermarket junk on my brakes or engine work looks great and send me pictures and videos on every thing

 by Mark Schofield
Exceptional Sevice
City & State: Dameron md

Dave rebuilt my 2003 Ford Ranger pickup transmission over 7years ago. In all that time since not one issue with the transmission in fact I have over 120,000 miles on it. Thanks you for the quality work

 by Steve S.
Yelp Review 1988 GMC Truck Trans Rebuild
City & State: St Marys, MD

I dropped my 1988 GMC Truck off at Hollywood Transmission & Automotive on Sunday afternoon. I told Dave I wanted to have the transmission rebuilt based on the way it had been operating with some intermittent clanking sounds and lower than normal fluid levels. He said he would take it for a test drive the following day to see if it could be repaired versus a full rebuild. I was surprised and appreciated that he wanted to try and repair it first, especially when I had already agreed to a rebuilt.

Dave found that indeed there was a blown seal and the trans would only operate in two gear ranges. He also could tell that it had been rebuilt before using inexpensive components. Dave was correct, I had it rebuilt about 8 years ago and looked for the cheapest price I could find. I guess you get what you pay for?

Monday evening I surprisingly received a text message from Dave with a detailed video showing the status and condition of my transmission with all the old parts and new parts ready to go in. I felt like Dave was the surgeon and I was right in the operating room with him for a play by play review.

Tuesday evening I received pictures of my transmission with the new parts installed and was told I could pick it up Wednesday morning.

Because of the (corona virus) and (me with secondary health issues) I called Dave when I arrived and asked if we could conduct the payment and pickup of my vehicle outside.

Dave promptly met me outside wearing a mask and gloves. I thanked Dave, and we talked a bit, and I was on my way. The truck operated smoothly all the way home.

I will definitely use Dave again and will recommend him to my family and friends.

Frankly, Dave has spoiled me, I'm not use to receiving this type of quality customer service.

 by M Newkirk
Google Review
City & State: Southern MD

Dave knows his business. Many of my car guy buddies recommended him. I’m not disappointed at all.

 by R Pritchard
Google Review
City & State: Southern MD

Great service, very inviting environment. Would highly recommend to friends. They do everything. Factory preventative maintenance, custom trans builds, even diesel engine repair.

 by Diann Bean
From an Incredibly Appreciative & Grateful Me & 93 Camaro
City & State: Southern MD

Thank you for being you. Your honesty, your pride in your business and top-quality work; along with your never giving up until the job is right!

Equals the job superiority above "All” others! Your business is nothing less than a full 10 star rating. Thank you again so very much. The Camaro and I will be back always.

 by Joe W.
Yelp Honest Mechanic in Hollywood MD
City & State: Hollywood, MD

Dave is the best. You can tell that he enjoys his job and values his customers. I never feel pressured to get any service and he explains why what your car needs. My truck is at 160k miles an runs great. If you want an honest mechanic that won't pressure you head to Hollywood transmission.

 by Casey M.
Yelp Go-To Mechanic In St Marys
City & State: Hollywood, MD

I used to use another local shop for many years for all my auto repairs but felt like they were pushing repairs that really didn't need to be done on my older car. Dave Parks, the owner of Hollywood Transmission is my new "go-to" mechanic for all my repairs. It's challenging keeping an older car on the road but he takes the time to explain what needs to be done and why. As a female I sometimes feel like some places take advantage of me but I don't feel that way at all at this place. I feel respected there and the prices are decent enough. I totally trust his automotive repair experience and the way he takes his time to explain it. The repairs are always done quickly too.